Website on hold

September 1st 2008, 15:51

After getting a second website running i decided that this site should server a new purpose. The game related post are moved to my site devoted to my identity as a gamer. This site will transform into a site devoted to software development. I've got some nice snippets of code that i would like to share and this site will be de environment to do it. Because i have some other ideas about the sites code that needs to be implemented the website will be on hold. I'll be posting new things when i get the new site ready to be released.

Developer Days 2008: Day 2

May 23rd 2008, 22:31

The second day of the event and 5 more presentations to go, two of which were not so usable for me. I started with a real heavy one. Rafal Lukawiecki gave information about the new Cryptography API in .NET 3.5 and general information on which security algorithms to use and which to don't use. He gave alot of information in the little time he has and you need to stay focussed to keep up. This year there was also a nice presentation about IronPython. The integration of the python scripting language with the .NET runtime. It's nice to see some dynamic languages getting attention. I personally think they should be used more by software developers. Another really interesting presentation was about Advanced WebPart Deveopment. I am going to build a WebPart in the near future and this presentation gave me a lot of ideas to incorporate in this project. Now the event is over i can say i learned alot and i am left with some great new ideas. Time to dive in some code.

Developer Days 2008: Day 1

May 22nd 2008, 23:05

The event for Microsoft developers is here again and what a great event it is again. The fist day was a blast. Great speakers with a lot of humor which made it a really fun day to experience. I finally found someone with the same opinion about software as me; David Platt you are right, 'Software Sucks'. There are a lot of developers that must make software that just works. Did you know there was something like the .NET Micro Framework to build a .NET application on really small hardware. Rob Miles gave a great presentation with examples about the .NET Micro Framework. There also were some presentations about the newest technologies in .NET Framework 3.5; Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation. The most important technologies you need to master if you want to stay a Microsoft Developer. It was also nice to see some things we haven't heard before about VS2008 and FX 3.5. From the 5 Cool Things Daniel Moth presented the Managed AddIns and the ADO.NET Sync Services are the ones that got my intrest. Time to start Visual Studio 2008 and start trying these things out.

W3C or IE Web Standards?

March 28th 2008, 14:43

If we follow the W3C standards all Microsoft browsers won't display this webpage. So i needed a small update again to the site to be compatible with the IE Web Standards. Luckily with this update i still comply with the W3C standards and all IE lovers can enjoy this site. I hope the Internet Explorer 8 final will deliver the promise of better web standard compliance.

Homepage Version 1.2

March 26th 2008, 22:45

Finally it's here the new update of the site. I thought i would have some more time to work on the site but things kept coming my way. I updated my site some time ago, but haven't got around to setting it online. But here it is. The main problem i wanted to fix was that the site didn't display correctly in Firefox. Recently i installed Internet Explorer 8 Beta, which has better web standard support. Unfortunatly this resulted in the same screwed up layout as in Firefox for my site. So it definitely was time for the update.

This update to version 1.2 contains two major changes. The menu has moved from a sidebar on the left to a menubar at the top. I think a top menu is better than a side menu. The second thing is an invisible update. I adjusted the site so that is compliant with the W3C XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 web standards. As a developer i promote the use of standards for the obvious reasons, so my own site should also follow standards. And that's why we now have two badges at the bottom of the page.

I could start a discussion about web standards here, because with the new update the site isn't supported by Internet Explorer anymore, but i won't. That's for another time. Enjoy this update and i'll start working on generating content and more visuals.

Updates in the New Year

January 16th 2008, 10:41

We are now living in the year 2008 and it's time i get the planned updates to the site ready. I've been too busy the end of last year and the first weeks of the new year, but now the deadlines have been met and we can relax a little to plan the next steps to take. This also gives me time to get the updates out that are in the pipeline. First of all the layout of the sites needs to be updated a little, so we have a correct layout in Firefox and this will make it W3C standards compliant. The next thing will be to added badges and images to make the site a little more colorful. After those updates it will be time to put up some of the programming articles i'm writing to share information to the world. But also to have an archive of sample code online to help me access my knowledge. Stay tuned.

Webstandards are an Illusion

November 19th 2007, 09:38

After seeing the Illusionist yesterday, i also found out, that web standards are an illusion. I have this site, just to share some of my ideas with the world and have a starting point for myself to find information i regularly use. I want to have access to this information wherever i am and whenever i want. This implies that i'm not always using the same device to access this website.

This weekend i found out that not all browsers display my website as i designed it. I thought standards are used to make everybody do things exactly the same way, so why is it that when i use a webstandard the page looks different on different browsers? Do the browser builders have a big egos and think they know better than the webstandards, or aren't the webstandards clear enough and are prone to misinterpertation? Either way it causes me to spend more time getting the website to look normal, instead of generating content.

First Addition

September 7th 2007, 09:29

The first addition to the site is a fact. I've added a list of some websites i visited recently. Instead of adding them to the bookmarks of my browser i added them to the site. The advantage is that i always have my bookmarks at hand. It is really annoying to look for a site, which you know you bookmarked, but you can't find it in your bookmark list. Only to find it was bookmarked on another machine in another browser.

Webpage Up

September 1st 2007, 15:34

Finally after building the initial layout of the webpage, i finally found the time to put it up on the site. It's not much yet, but now that it's up i can finally begin to fill up the site.